Extracting the Most Out of Your Spectrum.

Ubiqam focuses on innovation in smart antenna and interference cancellation technologies enabling wireless service providers to extract the most out-of their spectrum and upgrade their mobile broadband network to unprecedented capacity and spectral efficiency. 

Ubiqam's UBiFiX™ products enable cellular base-stations to maintain high quality operation and capacity in the presence of strong foreign interference generated by narrow and wide-band signals and performs acquisition and tracking automatically. The company's patent pending TRiC™ and CLiC™ technologies combine smart RF and DSP to enable extreme wireless spectrum utilization in 3G and 4G Relay, Repeater and Small-cell Backhaul applications.


Extract the most out of your spectrum capacity even in severe interference condition by protecting your base-station with UBiFiX foreign interference  cancellation solution » read more 

Get indoor coverage and capacity to offload your network without a need for DSL or   fiber backhaul using Ubiqam's split Relay architecture and TRiC™ technology 

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Deliver extremely high-throughput and reliable backhaul to small-cells wherever they are installed using Ubiqam's Multi Point-to-Point NLOS backhaul architecture with deep spectral reuse using CLiC™ technology

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